After outbreak of the epidemic, JAC mobilized various subsidiary departments, suppliers and distributors throughout the company, appealing for active coordination with local government to jointly fight the epidemic.
During the period of 2018 World, JAC held a prize contest for football fans in our facebook (JAC Motors Global), which has received a lot of supports.
In the evening of 28th March 2017, JAC was held the Sei2, Sei3 launching ceremony in Mexico as the theme of 'Start Now', which marks JAC new logo debuting in the overseas market.
On March 16th 2016, the 23th Egypt Automech was held grandly in Cairo exhibition hall. JAC distributor Kasrawy Group with S2,S3 exhibited in this auto show, and S2 is the first time show to overseas customers.
S3 is a new generation SUV for the new generation people. Small SUV with bigger space provides a different experience from others you see.
From 2013-2014, JAC with its the newest car models - S5 and J4 have conquered Top China Rallies - China Grand Rally, Mohe Snow-Ice Cross-Country Rally and China Rally Championship. More great contents, please click here....