The representative of JAC Light Truck in Algeria is EMIN AUTO. There are 12 first networks, 28 second networks and sales shops, 36 3S shops (sales, services, spare parts) and 4 exhibition halls.
Facing domestic and international markets, JAC heavy-duty truck compromises modern advanced technologies and owns self-brand and intellectual property.
In March 2011, JAC has entered Brazil market officially, 46 JAC high scale outlets have been opened at the same time. After one year, J5 debuts in Brazil. It will conquer you...
The fourth C-NCAP (China-New Car Assessment Program) evaluation results have been declared on Dec. 29th. JAC J5 has got five-star quality with the score of 46.
JAC V1 was developed by JAC for domestic and international market, which marks JAC have full product line up as the international commercial vehicle giant and will be a strategic product for the sustainable development o...
Through 10,000 kilometres long journey, and different weather and road condition test, it will examine JAC cars' technology, quality, oil-consumption, reliability, durability, manoeuvrability and service.